Types of eye frames available in the market

Picking the perfect eye frames for you is one of the fun job as well as difficult because there are a lot of criteria that you should be keeping in mind in order to pick the right eye frames that will match your style and looks. The collections are various and vast which makes your experience more overwhelming. So there are a lot of variants when we are talking about eye frames and each of them has its own uniqueness as well as a particular face shape in which it will look good. So here it is an article we will guide you in some of the most popular eye frames that will help you with your purchase.


  • Aviator: Aviator is one of the glasses which the pilots loved to wear. The Aviator comes in various sizes and each of them has a unique feature. It’s available in both teardrop shape and large lenses. This traditional eye frames style has now been modernized and now there are more popular styles available.


  • Butterfly: This eye frames resemble the butterfly wings and are very feminine looking.


  • Cat eye: This highly trendsetting eye frames style is famous from the retro era and still it is very much popular among women. So, these eye frames help in highlighting the sharp points of your face.


  • Clubmaster inspired: This kind of eye frames specifically resembles the vintage style and is very famous after it was launched by the famous brand Ray-Ban. This frame has the plastic eyebrow bars along with temples made with metal rimmed frames.


  • Flat top: This eye frame come with the flat eyebrow bar.


  • Pillowed rectangle: This type of eye frames comes with a rectangular frame which is slightly puffed as well as have some carvings along its edges.


  • Reading glasses: These glasses are famous among the readers because it helps the people to read properly. So these eye frames come with the feature of magnifying lenses so it can help the people to easily view things closely. These glasses should be made after you have visited the doctor and have a proper prescription about your appropriate eye frames.


  • Rectangle: This eye frames will come with the rectangular frame classic shape.


  • Rimless: the Frameless glass as you all know basically does not have any frames in it. So the lenses will be held together by the invisible notches, nylon cord or the mounting screws for providing the optical illusion of wearing a rimless.


  • Round: So the lens will look perfectly round and will give out those retro vibes.


  • Semi-rimless: So this eye frames won’t be completely rimless as there will be half frame on the top of lenses. The bottom half will have no frames. It will be held together when any kind of technology or with the invisible nylon.


This is an overview of the types of frames of eye frames that are available in the market. You must always consider your face shape before you are taking any eye frames. You must count the centimeters properly in order to avoid mistakes of wearing either too small or too big glasses.