Searching a Cattery? What to look for?


Looking for a Cattery in Auckland which will provide excellent service as well as peace of mind for you and your cat? Want to enjoy your vacation, trip, work or getaway peacefully with the knowledge that your pet is safe and sound? Then you have come looking in the right place. Here are services that you must look for like experienced and trained staff will ensure that your cat gets the best there is to offer. The best of these services that are a must are mentioned below:

What do we offer?

  • Your cat should get personalized attention from the staff and they should make sure to get to know the quirks and personality of each cat so as to take care of them better.
  • Your cat should get access to large exercise areas which should be well equipped with trees tunnels, toys, and But it is not mandatory that they engage in playtime compulsorily. They can opt for just roaming within the grounds or just staying in their kennels or pens. Their doors will always remain open to allow personal space and freedom. This is also done to ensure that the cats never feel suffocated.
  • But irrespective of playtime, cats should be walked twice a day outside.
  • The cats should be monitored at all time, so as to ensure that they are safe while interacting with other cats.
  • The pend should be heated so that they remain warm and cozy for the cats. These pens should also have a personal litter box which is emptied every day. There are should be communal litter boxes in the playgrounds.
  • The cattery should be fully legal and registered service.
  • The boarding house should be secure, hygienic and quiet country environment.

What is the feeding schedule?

The cats should be fed twice a day, they should be provided breakfast and dinner. There should be an option for both, dry and wet foods, in storage. Dry foods should consist of a quality mix of various biscuits while wet foods consist of canned tuna and more, which you can inquire about.


Any medication that needs to be administered should be done, but whether surplus charges are needed or not depends on the complexity of the procedure most of the times.

Collection and Drop off service

Pick up and drop off service are great as it will allow you the freedom to schedule the pickup point, especially if you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to drive to catterys.

General requirements:

  • Your cat must be vaccinated at least 4 weeks before being dropped off at our service.
  • If the cat is above 6 months then it must be de-sexed.
  • The cat must also be de-wormed before being dropped off and it must also be rid of fleas.
  • Any food item which goes beyond our standard offering has to be paid for or the item has to be brought in by the owner.

These are some of the general guidelines on selecting a cattery along with the facilities.