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The type of care required for the seniors will also depend on the financial options along with other things. For instance, some financial programs provided by the government can help the seniors pay for professional nursing facilities, but they cannot afford to have an in-home care. If you are looking the payment process and options to pay for care, then you should know about the type of care that you or your family member need now and in the future, and also learn about the related terms.

On the internet, you can find the financial assistance program using the locator search tool. You just need to enter the care type and get the details about the program and get the list of all the relevant programs that can help you choose the best option and the best type of care for your needs.

SC Vs. CC (Skilled Care vs. Custodial Care):

There are two types of care, including custodial care and skilled care. The skilled care offers professional or licensed services provided by medical professionals. However, the custodial care helps with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), including dressing, bathing, and eating. The custodial care is the best option for the seniors who are suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Both custodial care and the skilled care can be provided in adult day care, at home, or in a residential care home, like, assisted living community, nursing home or adult foster care home.

AL Vs. MC (Assisted Living vs. Memory Care):

The Memory Care and the Assisted Living are the retirement village that offers 24hr personal care, and also they offer social activities, meals, and other facilities. Although, the memory care is deliberated only for seniors who are suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s related diseases. Also, it extends its service to the people who are suffering from Dementia from Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and other types of dementia.  You can find several dissimilarities between memory care and assisted living. In fact, the memory care team or caregiver staff is lower than the assisted care. The security is more in memory care; they restrict the external access to avoid wandering. Various types of recreational activities are prepared with less offsite outings. As a result, the memory care is expensive, about 25 percent more than the assisted living care.

HC vs. HHC (Home Care vs. Home Health Care):

The home care and the home health care, both types are offered in the individual’s home. Home care is similar to custodial care or unskilled care. For instance, the help is provided with dressing and bathing to the senior, and they can also help with cooking, laundry, and take them to the doctor or help them to do the errands. It is also considered as the attendant care or personal care; however, those conditions are not entirely for care provided in the home.

 ADSC Vs. ADHC (Adult Day Social Care vs. Adult Day Health Care)


The term adult day care can be referred to the adult day medical care or adult day social care. The ADSC offers services, including supervision and care for the seniors, and they provide the services in a structured location to the seniors on weekdays. This care system even allows the caregivers to go to work. The service offers a variety of activities, some therapies, meals and more.

The ADHC provides that an adult day social care providers but, it also offers additional medical services that you can find in nursing homes.