Apple allows third-party repair centres


It has been announced by Apple Inc. that they will provide devices, which are meant to repair cracked iPhone glass to about 400 authorised third party repair centres in almost 25 countries to make iPhone repair accessible to customers. A Minneapolis based repair station, named Best-Buy, which has been known to deal with Apple products for a long time is one of the first receivers of the devices. The retailer Best-Buy is known to have installed one such device in their Miami area store and is soon going to install another in their outlet in Sunnyvale, California.

Fixing up broken screens may seem an easy and petty job, but it is a billion dollar global business in the field of iPhone repair. Adapting to this aspect of the business is also a major shift for the company Apple itself. The company is known to have restricted the use of its Horizon Machine to its authorized 500 retail stores and mail-in repair centres previously and had also guarded the machine’s design closely. It has also been observed that though the company had maintained privacy about their iPhone repair techniques the change was bound to come after the US states launched the “Right to repair” bill. The company officials though claimed that the acts of distribution of the company repair machines had nothing to do with the legislative bill declared by the states.

The initial roll outs of the company mention statistics that rounds up to 200 service providers of Apple acquiring the machines and the numbers tend to rise up to double in about a year. The company officials though mentioned that they are concerned and were planning to expand their reach and services from a long time, as the rush at repair stations are often beyond control since the repair stations were less in number.

Apart from Miami, there are other places like Bay Area, London, Shanghai, and Singapore etc where machines have been installed at third-party repair stations to reach out to the customers. The company officials also suggested that places like Columbia, Norway, and South Korea etc where there are no officials Apple retailers, third party shops would be provided with the machines. Theoretically if seen then that any mall repair kiosk can help repair the cracked screens.

Apple also mentions that any customer can get their phones repaired at any non-authorized repair shop without creating a void in their warranty as long as the technician does not damage any part of the phone. It has been seen though that the Horizon Machine is a compulsory requirement for complex or peculiar mishaps with the phone. As observation states, for example, if the fingerprint sensor just below the screen gets affected then the Apple authorized machine can only help to get it repaired.

For security purposes, Apple authorizers have made it a point that only the authorized Apple fix-it machine can make the iPhone processor and its silicon brain recognise and detect a replacement sensor. This has been done to avoid usage of duplicate parts or breach in the security of the data of the phone.