Ink vs. Toner Cartridges: Pros & Cons


When you are planning to buy a new printer, it’s a general dilemma which is best for you. According to the printer you have to choose cartridges. There are two types of printers available in the market. Ink cartridge used in Inkjet printer and toner cartridge used in a laser printer. Most of the time initially people purchase inkjet printers since it is slightly cheaper the laser printers. But they fail to understand the basic concept. Although inkjet printers are more affordable, the cost of printing is very costly in the long run. You may pick any of these according to your need and requirement.

Ink Cartridges

It is easy to understand ink cartridges contain in a sealed box where its head has little ink nozzles from which ink is going to disperse on the sheet during printing.

There are mainly two types of inkjet printers, from the dispersion of ink through the nozzle. In thermal printers, we used the dispersion of ink through the heat while in the piezoelectric printer dispersion of ink from the nozzles based on vibrations and electric charges. You also not able to find compatible and remanufactured ink cartridges easily.

Pros & Cons

  • Most suitable for less volume of printing. If you have limited use of the printer, then you can pick this kind of printer.
  • The printer is cheaper, but the cost of Printing is very high.
  • Individuals can prefer to choose ink cartridge
  • Quality of printing is overall good
  • You don’t rely on it for a large volume of publication.

Toner Cartridges

Toner printers have the slightly complex mechanism to understand. Unlike inkjet, these printers work with a long straight toner via rotating drum. As the rotating drums rotate it disperse ink on paper in inkjet printer toner straight on the article, but in toner printers they print by rotating the toner via rotating the metal drum.

When someone gives the print command, the laser printer first tries to create drawing an image onto the rotating drum. These drawings are of an electrostatic image.

Pros & Cons

  • Most suitable for commercial use of printing.
  • Printing costing is relatively low as compared to ink.
  • Large printing houses use a toner cartridge for their prints.
  • The picture quality of printing is far better than inkjet
  • Toner cartridges are relatively faster than the ink cartridge


However, if you find who will win the race of printing, then you may surprise the quality of the print is excellent in both the cases. One significant advantage of ink cartridges is that they are more stable and efficient as compared with toner cartridges.

Toner cartridge prints over a long drum and due to its rotation. These toners some time susceptible and smudged. It also takes some time to try the finished print.

Finally, you’ll need to first analyze your requirement of printing, and by condition, you choose your print. Then you look for the available cartridges which support your printer. It should provide you the best in quality with affordable price.