Searching a Cattery? What to look for?


Looking for a Cattery in Auckland which will provide excellent service as well as peace of mind for you and your cat? Want to enjoy your vacation, trip, work or getaway peacefully with the knowledge that your pet is safe and sound? Then you have come looking in the right place. Here are services that you must look for like experienced and trained staff will ensure that your cat gets the best there is to offer. The best of these services that are a must are mentioned below:

What do we offer?

  • Your cat should get personalized attention from the staff and they should make sure to get to know the quirks and personality of each cat so as to take care of them better.
  • Your cat should get access to large exercise areas which should be well equipped with trees tunnels, toys, and But it is not mandatory that they engage in playtime compulsorily. They can opt for just roaming within the grounds or just staying in their kennels or pens. Their doors will always remain open to allow personal space and freedom. This is also done to ensure that the cats never feel suffocated.
  • But irrespective of playtime, cats should be walked twice a day outside.
  • The cats should be monitored at all time, so as to ensure that they are safe while interacting with other cats.
  • The pend should be heated so that they remain warm and cozy for the cats. These pens should also have a personal litter box which is emptied every day. There are should be communal litter boxes in the playgrounds.
  • The cattery should be fully legal and registered service.
  • The boarding house should be secure, hygienic and quiet country environment.

What is the feeding schedule?

The cats should be fed twice a day, they should be provided breakfast and dinner. There should be an option for both, dry and wet foods, in storage. Dry foods should consist of a quality mix of various biscuits while wet foods consist of canned tuna and more, which you can inquire about.


Any medication that needs to be administered should be done, but whether surplus charges are needed or not depends on the complexity of the procedure most of the times.

Collection and Drop off service

Pick up and drop off service are great as it will allow you the freedom to schedule the pickup point, especially if you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to drive to catterys.

General requirements:

  • Your cat must be vaccinated at least 4 weeks before being dropped off at our service.
  • If the cat is above 6 months then it must be de-sexed.
  • The cat must also be de-wormed before being dropped off and it must also be rid of fleas.
  • Any food item which goes beyond our standard offering has to be paid for or the item has to be brought in by the owner.

These are some of the general guidelines on selecting a cattery along with the facilities.


Best things to love about Auckland


Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand that gives way to a lot of tourists flocking the place all year round. Based around two large harbours, this city is home to the iconic Sky Tower that has a view of the Viaduct Harbour. The city is surrounded by beautiful water scenery and is full of superyachts and the coasts are lined with bars and cafes. The city was earlier known as Tamaki Makau Rau, meaning an ‘isthmus of one thousand lovers’, originally, the Maori settled here around 1350 and later developments brought home many others. By the 1900s, Auckland emerged to be the largest city in New Zealand.

The city has volcanic mountains which have blended in with the cosmopolitanism of the place. It offers a modern buzz infused with an old, traditional charm. Although few might fret over not having enough to do in Auckland, we beg to differ. For, this place too has its own perks. Which is why we will provide you with some of the perks Auckland offers that will make you love the city

If you are to visit Auckland anytime soon, check out the mentioned below things that you can tick off your bucket list.

  • Climb Mount Eden

Mount Eden is a volcanic mountain however it is dormant and you can climb up at sunrise or at sunset and enjoy the panoramic views from the cities highest natural point. Also, Mount Eden has a fascinatingly deep volcano which has a crater measuring one hundred and fifty feet deep.

  • Beach day

There are plenty of beaches around the world, however, if the current is not right you cannot surf. Gratefully, Auckland is positioned in the perfect direction and offers surfing experiences to both amateurs and professionals alike. The best beaches in Auckland are the Mission Bay, the northern shores of Takapuna Beach and the Maraetai and the Omana Regional Park in the east.

  • Time travel

Not literally, however, you could visit the delightful suburbs in Auckland and feel the old charm and experience its essence. With good restaurants and dining places, the suburbs make a good place to laze around away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Jewelry shopping

If you are a shopper who likes to pick up jewelry from various places, do not miss out on the gorgeous diamond rings Auckland has to provide. Top places are the Julian Barton Jewellery, The Diamond Shop, Diamonds on Richmond and the among the very best.

  • Islands

Auckland has a range of islands in its kitty. Here, you can go fishing, hiking, take a bus tour of the entire place, etc. There are plenty of things to do on the islands of Auckland. The ambiance of the place is very homely so you would not feel detached from your own self. The Rangitoto island tops the list.

  • Revolving Restaurant

The Sky Tower in Auckland houses the Orbit revolving restaurant. You could also try the celebrity chef, Peter Gordon’s restaurant for dining or cocktails.

Well, that is pretty much the best of what Auckland has for you. Be it the jewelry or the suburbs, the city has a charm one cannot miss.

Types of eye frames available in the market

Picking the perfect eye frames for you is one of the fun job as well as difficult because there are a lot of criteria that you should be keeping in mind in order to pick the right eye frames that will match your style and looks. The collections are various and vast which makes your experience more overwhelming. So there are a lot of variants when we are talking about eye frames and each of them has its own uniqueness as well as a particular face shape in which it will look good. So here it is an article we will guide you in some of the most popular eye frames that will help you with your purchase.


  • Aviator: Aviator is one of the glasses which the pilots loved to wear. The Aviator comes in various sizes and each of them has a unique feature. It’s available in both teardrop shape and large lenses. This traditional eye frames style has now been modernized and now there are more popular styles available.


  • Butterfly: This eye frames resemble the butterfly wings and are very feminine looking.


  • Cat eye: This highly trendsetting eye frames style is famous from the retro era and still it is very much popular among women. So, these eye frames help in highlighting the sharp points of your face.


  • Clubmaster inspired: This kind of eye frames specifically resembles the vintage style and is very famous after it was launched by the famous brand Ray-Ban. This frame has the plastic eyebrow bars along with temples made with metal rimmed frames.


  • Flat top: This eye frame come with the flat eyebrow bar.


  • Pillowed rectangle: This type of eye frames comes with a rectangular frame which is slightly puffed as well as have some carvings along its edges.


  • Reading glasses: These glasses are famous among the readers because it helps the people to read properly. So these eye frames come with the feature of magnifying lenses so it can help the people to easily view things closely. These glasses should be made after you have visited the doctor and have a proper prescription about your appropriate eye frames.


  • Rectangle: This eye frames will come with the rectangular frame classic shape.


  • Rimless: the Frameless glass as you all know basically does not have any frames in it. So the lenses will be held together by the invisible notches, nylon cord or the mounting screws for providing the optical illusion of wearing a rimless.


  • Round: So the lens will look perfectly round and will give out those retro vibes.


  • Semi-rimless: So this eye frames won’t be completely rimless as there will be half frame on the top of lenses. The bottom half will have no frames. It will be held together when any kind of technology or with the invisible nylon.


This is an overview of the types of frames of eye frames that are available in the market. You must always consider your face shape before you are taking any eye frames. You must count the centimeters properly in order to avoid mistakes of wearing either too small or too big glasses.

Benefits of opting for professional furniture movers

Moving is the arduous process and it comes with a lot of unforeseen stresses. So one of the hardest jobs of moving out from another place and settling to another one is moving the furniture. They carry the maximum weight and you will need a lot of helping hands for moving it properly otherwise you are just going to burden yourself or going to break your valuable assets. So whenever you are moving to any places you should always opt for the professional Auckland furniture removals who will have their own transport system along with highly trained professionals who will move the furniture from the source to the destination without letting you worry about any of it. So it does come with a lot of benefits so let’s have a better insight into the entire thing.


  • Injury: Furniture carry a lot of weight so if you are not accustomed to it then you will be injuring yourself and that will be a very traumatic event on the first day of moving in. When you are moving large items then it is very impossible for the other people to move it down through the stairs without helping hands and most of the time due to tight spaces it can also lead to dangerous accidents. So if you hire the professional services then they are very much acquainted with the job and they know how they should handle every furniture without breaking it or injuring themselves. So it is definitely going to save you from those body aches or back pain in your already chaotic moving journey.


  • Safety: The professional is specifically trained for handling the possessions safely. So they will move everything flawlessly and help them to arrive at the destination like the way it should. So you should always look for the moving services who will help you in disassembling and reassembling the furniture without risking anything. Starting from industrial appliances to pianos they know how to handle everything precisely and that is why they are known as the experts.


  • Save time: The job of moving the furniture can be time-consuming and stressful. So once you have the furniture moving professionals then they will do the entire thing starting from packing to unpacking properly without leaving anything behind. So you can easily focus on other things that are important without neglecting the process of moving out like changing the address or cleaning the new place.


When you are moving the expensive furniture you should always trust the professionals. Do a thorough research and check the quality of the work that is offered by the moving company and what is the cost of moving of furniture for certain distances. The cost will definitely vary on the distance and the load. Moving out can be very much easy if you know which movers you should be hiring. If you are thinking to do everything on your own you can definitely try but one must not overlook the advantages that come with the moving professionals.