Business Mentor Auckland


Business Mentor Auckland offers mentoring program offers 12-months of confidential advice for owners of the medium and small-sized business that are now trading and the businesses that need help to grow and help to face certain business challenges. Several business mentors offer volunteer mentoring service and support and guide other business with their experience and act a sounding board, and offers fresh and independent perspective to the new business owners.

Who is the Business Mentoring Program for?

The business mentoring program is particularly designed for businesses:

  • Who wants new perspective, inspiration, or guidance
  • Who wants help to develop their business
  • Who wants advice or support to solve their business challenge
  • Who wants help to apply changes to their business
  • Who is looking for a sounding board to help challenge their thoughts, get success, and set new goals

Who are the Mentors and what role do they execute?

The Auckland volunteer mentors come from a broad range of industry backgrounds and they know the businesses. The business mentors are passionate and dedicated individuals who are keen to help other business start-up company and wanted to see their community grow and prosper.

Business mentors offer free service and time to work along with the fresh business owner and contribute in a mentoring relationship by:

  • Acting as a sounding board
  • Sharing their expertise and knowledge
  • Work with the start-up business and help them grow their business
  • Helping the business owner to recognize their weaknesses and strengths
  • Supporting them in their decision making

All these business mentors checked before they are accepted into the mentoring program.  All the mentors must meet the standards of MAP (Mentor Accreditation Program).

Offering Valuable Support:

With the support of the business mentor, you can run your business without any hassle and solve all your business problems or issues quickly and efficiently.

Having a Mentor:

  • Allows you to understand your business and work on your business
  • Instills discipline
  • Helps you obtain perspective
  • Helps you understand where you should go to get answers
  • Completely supports your decision-making abilities
  • Help you find quick solutions
  • Help you concentrate on performance

A  Good Mentor:

  • Is who has good business experience either senior management role or their own business
  • Is who is a very patient
  • Is the one who offers support and a great listener
  • Who can understand the business efficiently and quickly
  • Who can focus and understand what the business is about and recognizes the skill levels of the owner of the business
  • Is who has a financial history and perfectly capable for a mentor.

To be a business mentor, you should have a business with at least 25 full-time employees and offers you with your major source of income, with a proof of trading, then you are eligible to register for business mentoring assistance program. If you have bright new business ideas or looking for help to start a start-up business, then you are eligible for 6-month AMA (Accelerated Mentoring Assistance) program.