Meth Contamination


The property that has formerly used as meth labs are also called as meth houses. The meth labs contaminate the area and it can cause severe health issues if the purchase the property without conducting the screening. The DECT (Drug Endangered Children Task Force), a division of the CDEA (California Drug Enforcement Agency) says that the meth houses can put the residents at severe health conditions.

When people move into a meth house or property, they experience long-term and short-term health problems such as migraines, respiratory difficulties, burns, and skin irritation.  Though long-term health problems are not known clearly, the study conducted in 2009, by Toxicological Sciences suggests that the chemicals that are used to make methamphetamine may cause cancer in humans. It can affect the child mostly as they have small developing bodies and they are more prone to the severe health conditions as they play on the ground and put things in their mouths.

The chemicals that are used in making meth are extremely toxic as they makers use pseudoephedrine chemicals as the main ingredient in meth and it is also an active decongestants ingredient among the other 32 other Herald chemicals. The other ingredients are acetone, which is the main ingredient in nail polish remover, and the broadly used insecticide called phosphate.

The home lab for making meth is a dangerous place to live as it spreads toxins in all places and to every inch of the room.  The entire area gets contaminated, including carpet, furniture, walls, air ducts, drapes, and also the surrounding air becomes toxic.  According to professionals, inhaling some of the chemicals that are used in preparing meth can cause instant death even if you consume a small drop the instant death is evident. Meth Contamination.

The narcotics specialist says that when they go into a meth house or meth lab, they put respirators, shoe coverings, Tivec Suits, eye goggles, and gloves to avoid the toxic chemicals.  They consider that the methamphetamine labs are dangerous waste sites and recommend the people to stay away from the property.  The Police remove meth-making equipment and chemicals and hire expert cleaning companies to clean the house.

According to the police reports, a number of chemicals removed from meth labs are stunning as just in Missouri, they seized around 12,354 meth labs in 1998, and 251,000pounds solid waste and 118,000 pounds of chemical waste were removed from the labs.

Most meth lab cleanup staff follows standard guidelines when removing the toxic chemicals in the property.  The room that was used to cook meth will be cleaned by the crew by scrubbing all surfaces, they replace the carpet, repaint the walls, and changes the air filters. But, you should know that there are no such national standards to clean up the meth labs as the rules and regulation may change from state to state.  In some states in the US, getting a decontaminate license is easy; it takes just a few hours of class and a written test. This kind of decontaminating services may cause even more hazardous situations by not cleaning the toxins properly.