What is MOUS

M.O.U.S stands for Microsoft Office User Specialist. The M.O.U.S exams have been set up by MicrosoftŽ to test the ability of a user in each one of the Microsoft OfficeŽ products.
The M.O.U.S program offers Microsoft Office users the opportunity to gain globally recognized qualifications, which represent the skills levels you have obtained in using Microsoft Office desktop business applications.

To find a list of companies in New Zealand offering MOUS course, or running MOUS testing centers, visit www.mous.co.nz

To find a list of companies offering MOUS course, or running MOUS testing centers in other countries around the world, visit the U.S. MOUS web sit at, http://www.microsoft.com/traincert/mcp/mous/

There are exams for the following Microsoft Office 2000 Products:

Microsoft Word 2000 Core or Proficient
Microsoft Excel 2000 Core or Proficient
Microsoft Outlook 2000
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
Microsoft Access 2000
Microsoft Project 2000
Microsoft Word 2000 Expert
Microsoft Excel 2000 Expert

Microsoft Word 2002 (XP) Core or Proficient
Microsoft Excel 2002 (XP) Core or Proficient
Microsoft Outlook 2002 (XP)
Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 (XP)
Microsoft Access 2002 (XP)
Microsoft Project 2002 (XP)
Microsoft Word 2002 (XP) Expert
Microsoft Excel 2002 (XP) Expert

Course Exercises

This section of our web site contains some exercises you can do in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.  The Word exercises can be done on Word 97, 2000, or 2002 (XP), and the Excel exercises can be done on Excel 97, 2000, 2002 (XP).  You will also find some BODMAS exercises, I originally wrote these to help people test their Excel formulas, if you have difficulty with your Mathematics then give them a go.

Each exercise has an answer that you can view on the web and download.  Most of the exercises (especially the Excel ones) have more than one solution, the answer we have supplied is a suggested answer for the given problem.


We are currently developing new courses, these will be correspondence courses.  We hope to have courses available for Word 97,2000, 2002 (XP) and Excel 97, 2000, 2002 (XP) in the near future.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our clients, while we develop our new course syllabus and documentation.  Thank you for your patience.

We also do one-to-one tuition. Contact us for a tailored package and pricing options.


Abacus Training College is a computer training company based in Auckland, New Zealand. We are dedicated to developing ways to help people acquire the skills they need to operate a computer in the work place. We specialise in producing training material for the Microsoft Office products and the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOUS) exam syllabus.

For enquires and comments about this web site email the webmaster@abacus-training.co.nz

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This web site is best viewed at a monitor resolution of 1024 by 768 or better, but can be viewed at 800 by 600.  We hope you will enjoy the layout and find it easier to locate what you need.  If you are looking for something that used to be on this web site but you can no longer find it, e-Mail us at contactus@abacustraining.biz

Thank You For Your Support

Over the last couple of years the visitors to this site have more than doubled, we would like to thank those of you who have supported us.  To help our supporters we have posted some new exercises, hope you enjoy these.  Thanks again for your support.

New Computer Exercises

In our Course Exercises area you will find some new computer exercises.  There are 15 new BODMAS exercises, and some new Word exercises.  I have also uploaded some Excel Chart Exercises.

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