Best things to love about Auckland


Auckland is the biggest city in New Zealand that gives way to a lot of tourists flocking the place all year round. Based around two large harbours, this city is home to the iconic Sky Tower that has a view of the Viaduct Harbour. The city is surrounded by beautiful water scenery and is full of superyachts and the coasts are lined with bars and cafes. The city was earlier known as Tamaki Makau Rau, meaning an ‘isthmus of one thousand lovers’, originally, the Maori settled here around 1350 and later developments brought home many others. By the 1900s, Auckland emerged to be the largest city in New Zealand.

The city has volcanic mountains which have blended in with the cosmopolitanism of the place. It offers a modern buzz infused with an old, traditional charm. Although few might fret over not having enough to do in Auckland, we beg to differ. For, this place too has its own perks. Which is why we will provide you with some of the perks Auckland offers that will make you love the city

If you are to visit Auckland anytime soon, check out the mentioned below things that you can tick off your bucket list.

  • Climb Mount Eden

Mount Eden is a volcanic mountain however it is dormant and you can climb up at sunrise or at sunset and enjoy the panoramic views from the cities highest natural point. Also, Mount Eden has a fascinatingly deep volcano which has a crater measuring one hundred and fifty feet deep.

  • Beach day

There are plenty of beaches around the world, however, if the current is not right you cannot surf. Gratefully, Auckland is positioned in the perfect direction and offers surfing experiences to both amateurs and professionals alike. The best beaches in Auckland are the Mission Bay, the northern shores of Takapuna Beach and the Maraetai and the Omana Regional Park in the east.

  • Time travel

Not literally, however, you could visit the delightful suburbs in Auckland and feel the old charm and experience its essence. With good restaurants and dining places, the suburbs make a good place to laze around away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Jewelry shopping

If you are a shopper who likes to pick up jewelry from various places, do not miss out on the gorgeous diamond rings Auckland has to provide. Top places are the Julian Barton Jewellery, The Diamond Shop, Diamonds on Richmond and the among the very best.

  • Islands

Auckland has a range of islands in its kitty. Here, you can go fishing, hiking, take a bus tour of the entire place, etc. There are plenty of things to do on the islands of Auckland. The ambiance of the place is very homely so you would not feel detached from your own self. The Rangitoto island tops the list.

  • Revolving Restaurant

The Sky Tower in Auckland houses the Orbit revolving restaurant. You could also try the celebrity chef, Peter Gordon’s restaurant for dining or cocktails.

Well, that is pretty much the best of what Auckland has for you. Be it the jewelry or the suburbs, the city has a charm one cannot miss.